About the Artist

I live in the Greater Toronto area. By trade I am a molecular biologist and I work in genetics of addiction research. I started making jewellery ~13 years ago. I love pearls and started making fresh water cultured pearl necklaces for myself and some of my friends. My friends asked if I could make necklaces, bracelets and earrings for them. Slowly I started making more jewellery and orders were coming. I took courses in silver wire techniques. Since pearls are my favorite, the majority of my jewellery contains pearls. I only use sterling silver clasps, hooks, chains and beads. Over the past 12 years I expanded my horizons and started using Swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, artistic glass and ceramic beads. Creating jewellery pieces is very relaxing for me and I still love doing it.
I take part in local craft shows, corporate events, fund raisers & private parties.
The standard length of my necklaces is 16" - 18", but I can make them to any desired length. My bracelets standard length is 7.5", but again I can make any desired length. In all my designs I use high quality materials.
Each piece is handcrafted with high attention to detail. I hope you enjoy my work.